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Bottleneckless® is made in the USA! Metal components are lead free fine pewter, finished in antique gold or antique pewter.
Welcome to the Bottleneckless® Website!

Bottleneckless® Designs

Bottleneckless®, a novel wine accessory, hits the market!

Bottleneckless® is a new genre drip collar designed for wine, and it also works on liquors, gourmet vinegars, oils and more!

Composed of a specially blended absorbent cord and a jewelry-quality medallion, it can be elegantly wrapped around bottles to catch drips.

Its adjustable design allows Bottleneckless® to be used on any size or shape bottle.

Bottleneckless® Less Drips, More Charm®

It is the perfect blend of function and form

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Bottleneckless® is patented (#7,111,747). Bottleneckless® & Less Drips, More Charm® are registered trademarks of Cynmark Designs, LLC. The trademarks are registered in the US, Canada, and European Community.

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