The Post Standard writes about Bottleneckless®.


Bottleneckless® is made in the USA! Metal components are lead free fine pewter, finished in antique gold or antique pewter.


Welcome to the Bottleneckless® Website!

Cynmark Designs, LLC is a growing company located in Central New York and the creator of the innovative wine accessory, Bottleneckless®.

Cynmark first introduced the product to wine lovers at the 2005 Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, New York.  Bottleneckless® was a hit with festival attendees.  Sante′ Magazine published a story about Cynmark’s new wine accessory launch at the Festival.

From there it was off to the 2005 San Francisco International Gift Fair, where the product created a buzz, especially with the buyers for the California and Washington vineyard gift shops.  During the show-sponsored wine tasting held at the Argent Hotel, Cynmark partnered with Cline Cellars and Frey Vineyard. Each used the Bottleneckless® on their wine bottles during the event.

In 2006 Cynmark exhibited at the Las Vegas Gourmet Housewares Show.  Again the booth was busy with Bottleneckless® creating a stir amongst the gourmet buyers. “What a great wine accessory! Bottleneckless® works on oils and vinegars also?  Great hostess gift!  Great gift for the wine enthusiast!”  We heard those words over and over. 

The US retail industry is very enthusiastic about the product.  Bottleneckless® is currently available in select retail locations nationwide and on this website.  In Europe Bottleneckless® may be ordered through the Hunter & Hilsberg website at

Bottleneckless® has been featured in a number of publications and websites including:  Canadian Homestlye Magazine; Fancy Food, Giftware News; Houston Style; Kitchenware News; The Gourmet Retailer; The Syracuse Post Standard and the International Wine Accessories (IWA) catalog and IWA's on-line store.

It All Started With A Piece of String

The idea for the product started one evening with a group of friends enjoying a bottle of wine and a discarded piece of string which had been placed on the counter. After wiping up red wine drips on the table and bottle throughout the evening, Cindy Paikin (now President of Cynmark Designs) made a slip knot with the string and placed it around the neck of a bottle to see if it would catch the drips. When it did, she jokingly announced to her husband, Mark, and friends that she had just invented a new type of drip collar. The string was left on the bottle, and in the days that followed, she envisioned an attractive, absorbent cord with a decorative medallion on it, creating a new genre wine accessory.  Humble beginnings, indeed!

Unlike other collars and contraptions, which have a utility look, Bottleneckless® adds a touch of elegance to any bottle while performing as a drip catcher.


Bottleneckless®…………..Less Drips, More Charm®

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Bottleneckless® is patented (#7,111,747). Bottleneckless® & Less Drips, More Charm® are registered trademarks of Cynmark Designs, LLC. The trademarks are registered in the US, Canada, and European Community.

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