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Bottleneckless® is made in the USA! Metal components are lead free fine pewter, finished in antique gold or antique pewter.


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What is a Bottleneckless®?
Bottleneckless® is a unique, decorative drip catcher that can be elegantly wrapped around the neck of bottles to stop drips from spoiling linens and furniture.  Composed of a jewelry-quality medallion and specially blended absorbent cord, Bottleneckless® elegantly blends form and function.

What makes the wine accessory Bottleneckless® different from other drip catchers?
The Bottleneckless® has two advantages over other drip catchers.  Other drip catchers are clunky and can take away from the “experience” of enjoying a bottle of wine.  The Bottleneckless’® attractive design is perfect for entertaining and makes a great gift.  Also, it can be adjusted to fit any bottle, unlike most traditional drip catchers.

Is the Bottleneckless® only a wine accessory?
No.  It can be used on wine, liquor, vinegar or oil bottles, or in fact, any other bottle where drips are a problem.  Bottleneckless® is lead free and perfectly safe to have around food and drink.

How do I put on the Bottleneckless®?
Pull the medallion down to the end caps, double or triple loop the cord around the neck of the bottle, making sure each loop is placed above the other, with the last loop on top, above the rest.  Slide the medallion up the cord to tighten securely. Triple looping the cord on the bottle is best if possible. 

Does the medallion come in different styles?
Yes. There are various designs and two finishes: antique gold and antique pewter. (Base metal is pewter)  Medallions can also be custom designed with logos, or to commemorate special occasions and events.

What is the metal loop on the back of the medallion for?
Bottleneckless’ medallions are made by a USA jewelry manufacturer using lead free fine fine pewter.  We wanted our product to have a use after its time decorating a bottle.  The metal loop allows you to wear the medallion on a chain or cord, or use it for another decorative purpose. (Winter-themed designs can be ornaments!)

Can I wash the cord?
Absolutely! Use warm soapy water and let it air dry. Bottleneckless® usually goes from bottle to bottle without needing to be washed; the only exception is when it is used on gourmet oils.

Where do I purchase a Bottleneckless®?
Bottleneckless® is currently available online at and at select wineries and retail locations in the US.  This wine accessory is also available in Europe through the Hunter & Hilsberg website @

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